Sentiment II by Lucy Turner


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Hand printed linen in recycled frame

730mm x 620mm

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The Life of Objects explores the making of images, the processes to do this and the reuse of abandoned material.

Blurring the lines between fine art, craft and illustration, Lucy Turner has created a body of work that has a strong narrative inspired by her locality, world travel, poetry, flora and fauna. These coexisting fragmented and seemingly insignificant memories merge initially as drawing in black felt tip pen, the drawings being decorative and detailed but spontaneous and free.

Relief prints from these drawings involve a process that requires concentration and solitude. The artist utilises recycled lino including leftover linoleum from industrial fittings, the material being coarse and dense. Turner works mainly in her camper van, always at first light, therefore a physical connection to the landscape is embedded in the work. She prints on Irish linen using bolt ends or recycled linens with the ink seeping deeply into every fibre. Lucy says “I like to think of new life in abandoned materials.”

About The Artist

Lucy Turner is from Bangor, Ireland, and holds an MFA from the UK’s University of Ulster. She worked in WSW’s Etching studio, using salt etching and chine colle to create abstract prints and paper sculptures inspired by the cultural and environmental landscape of Rosendale. In Ireland, Lucy works with underserved children, inmates, and hospital patients on commissioned public sculpture projects.


Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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