Raspberry Nipple by Aiofé O Connor


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Ink and pen on paper, 2019

20cm x 29cm

Mounted and framed 33cm x 45cm, white frame finish

Sold as presented in the gallery

From 'Obvious' exhibition, Materials, Messages and Meanings #8

Artist Statement

After cancer and alcoholism attacked those around me, my practice became heavily influenced by the damaged body.

My practice became increasingly focused on the body and its functionality, both physical and mental. Not always being aware of the transient nature of health and how long we will occupy this current level of performance. We often take health for granted. The obvious condition. I explore issues that affect society under the surface; E numbers, health -or lack of- and eating disorders. Issues which are often ignored and in themselves not so obvious upon initial investigation.

I am visually stimulated by bright, garish colours, kitsch and camp aesthetics. This has translated in an aesthetic sensibility in my work, easily noticed and draws attention. Advertising utilizes similar techniques to get noticed. I adopted this obvious, maximalist aesthetic to mimic the shallow, invasive nature of advertising, attention seeking eye candy to suck you in. I drew the parallel as society is literally making us sick. Encouraging us to buy and overconsume products which make us ill. Conveniently, advertising the cure on the next billboard.


Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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