Life's a Beach by Gary Shaw


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Single Edition Digital Collage

Printed on silk finish giclée paper, wood finish frame with 5.0cm card slip mount

42.0cm x 41.25cm

Sold as per gallery presentation

1 of 5  Limited edition

From 'Obvious' exhibition, Materials, Messages and Meanings #8

Exhibition Statement

All the objects and visual references included in the work submitted for this exhibition are easily identifiable. Their literal meaning is obvious; however the juxtaposition of elements using digital imaging techniques creates an alternative reality that covey an inherent message that challenges audience perceptions on the actual meaning. The accompanying titles present a simple explanation of the subject-matter but are only an initial entry point to the visual metaphors that are inherent across all of my work. My medium of choice reflects many influences, notably the work of innovative collagists and printmakers with a socio-political outlook. Through the use of digital imaging techniques, I have no interest whatsoever in creating any form of contrived super-realism. Instead, I make no apology for plagiarising warts and all ‘found’ images and manipulating with effects, some of which I have no control over to develop profound parody with purpose.

Artist Statement

My vocational history combines my visual arts practice alongside cultural management, curatorial and capital project management roles over the past 25 years. My work reflects an interest in social responsibility, politics & identity, architecture, heritage and strategic investment in cultural infrastructure. Through my artwork, I utilise various media including digital imaging, print, photography, video, collage and mixed media to articulate concepts. My work is held in a number of private collections and I have undertaken a series of notable illustrative commissions. Collaborative working is a key element of my work and over the past number of years I have nurtured a number of creative collaborations in professional theatre and stand-up comedy.

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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