Drug of Choice by Jill Phillips


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Etched perspex keyring

8cm x 11cm

From 'Obvious' exhibition, Materials, Messages and Meanings #8

Exhibition statement

My passion includes the combination of using the old with the new; visually and also through technology. The technology allows me to present the old in new and exciting forms: - achieving a style that is unique and unobtainable by using other methods. The technology, mainly used in mass production is experimented with and by this process I explore visual delights. By combining all the processes, I gain a style which is visually layered, allowing the observer to connect and reconnect to the piece and each time to gain something new from it, whether it be a texture, pattern or form.

 “All my life I've been attracted by the contrast of old and new, past and present, experience and innocence, antique and modern. And this is the inspiration behind my work - a desire to explore the traditional and the past, and to imagine how this can inform the future. Nothing is as it seems. Subtlety is key. Elegantly deviant in all forms. My pieces encourage the observer to construct their own visual experience, a subconscious impression at first but one which slowly ripens into awareness. Drawing on aspects of cognitive science, the pieces persuade the brain and eye to connect, and then re-connect, and in this way stimulate a progression of engagements to allow new forms to emerge.”

Artist bio

Jill Phillips is an award-winning multi-disciplinary designer of bespoke furniture, textiles and interiors, her skills and interests also leading her into other unusual projects where creativity and vision is required.

An industrial textile designer for almost ten years, Jill Phillips’s passion for fabric, texture and pattern is evident in her collection of stand-alone textile art. Much of her current work has evolved from concepts intrinsically linked to her and is often incorporated into her work in delightfully surprising ways. 

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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