Cave by Aimee Nelson


10 in stock

Ultraviolet screen print with torch

1000mm x 707mm, unframed

1 of 20 Limited edition

From 'Obvious' exhibition, Materials, Messages and Meanings #8

Exhibition Statement

Cave is a white on white print, with text becoming visible when illuminated by ultraviolet light. 

The work presents my own interpretation and reading of The Allegory of the Cave by Greek philosopher Plato. I became fascinated by the ways in which Plato illustrates concepts of perception, consciousness and reality, all of which are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s society. This artwork metaphorically explores the allegory and Plato’s description of light, visibility, knowledge and truth, through the intimate act of reading by torchlight.


The artwork is at first seemingly invisible, presenting a blank, white page. Yet once illuminated, the text and the artwork is ‘obvious’ in the sense it reveals the illusion, becoming easily perceived and understood. The torch becomes a searchlight, as the audience is able to discover what is hidden. This conceal and reveal process is also reflected within the text of the work. I aim to examine the act of looking and its correspondence with knowledge, playfully exploring the theme ‘obvious’ through parallels of light and shadow, visible and invisible, reality and illusion.

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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