Artificial Flowers by Lucy Turner


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Hand printed collage on linen

Blue recycled frame

460 x 390 mm

Collection by appointment - contact R-Space to arrange

Life of objects 

Underpinning this exhibition is exploring the making of images, the processes to do this, while experimenting with abandonedmaterial. 

Exhibition includes a series of Relief prints, images cut on the lifted black and white floor tiles from Mount Stewart Co.Down. Lockdown has given the artist studio time to recycle her imagery explore printing techniques on Irish linen and develop a series of small 3D artworks . The common connection for this collection to be exhibited in R space gallery Lisburn is our responses to materialism globally.

About The Artist

Lucy Turner is from Bangor, Ireland, and holds an MFA from the UK’s University of Ulster. She worked in WSW’s Etching studio, using salt etching and chine colle to create abstract prints and paper sculptures inspired by the cultural and environmental landscape of Rosendale. In Ireland, Lucy works with underserved children, inmates, and hospital patients on commissioned public sculpture projects.

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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