Open Call : MMM#8

Open call for Artists and Makers whose work responds to the theme:


Word family: (noun) obviousness (adjective) obvious (adverb) obviously 

  1. easy to notice or understand, it is obvious (that), obvious to
  2. behaving in a way that shows you want something very badly, when other people think this behaviour is not suitable.
  3. the/an obvious choice
  4. the obvious thing (to do)
  5. state the obvious


VERBS: seem/appear obvious, sound obvious, become obvious.

NOUNS: an obvious reason, an obvious example, an obvious question, the obvious answer.

ADVERBS: glaringly/blindingly obvious, transparently/patently/blatantly obvious, painfully obvious,

immediately obvious, fairly/quite obvious.

Artists / makers based in Northern Ireland, at any stage of their career, working in any media, will be selected from an open call as part of our Materials, Messages and Meaning series, and will receive a fee for a talk and exhibiting work.

Now in its eighth year, this group exhibition will explore artists’ and makers’ different approaches to the materials they choose to work with and why, the messages and meaning they wish to convey using those materials, what those messages are and the methods of production and process they use to make the work.

Deadline for submissions:     Thursday 6th February by 4pm

Exhibition Dates:                     28th March - 24th April 2020

Please send a short CV and explanation (no longer than one side A4) of your practice, and how it fits in with the theme obvious, plus 4 high resolution images of your work. Include dimensions and details of media used to Robert at 

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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