Hope Land Happenings

As part of the Hope Land residency Michael Mayhew will  hold a series of engagements / classes / meetings - details below - BoOk in - Find OuT - Join in

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1: Performing with time.
Thursday 8th November
6:00am till 6:00pm

We will explore durational systems within performance.
This engagement will focus on a series of ideas and will put them into practice in the gallery of R – Space.

Michael Mayhew works within extreme durational systems within his performance.
This exchange will draw on those experiences and look at how to sustain a moment in constructed time. It will examine how to alter time and forget time and live within the moment.

2: The Art of Food:
Saturday 9th November
10.00am > 10.00pm

This day’s engagement will explore food and its relationship to performance.
We will cook dinner for 8 people.
We will construct a menu.
We will purchase food.
We will look at the rhythm of cooking processes and align that to art making.
We will prepare a table / transforming table to canvas / installation.
We will prep plates as canvas.
We will serve food as performance.
We will create a performance dinner and meet an audience.
We will examine the art of the get out.

3: Art & the everyday.
Tuesday 12th November
6:00am > 6:00pm

Where ideas come from and where you can get them from and what you do with them.
This workshop will look at life as art and the relevance of place, context of ideas and the significance of your audience.
We will perform for 1 hour in the gallery of R-Space

4: The art of doing nothing
Sunday 10th November

This engagement will examine nothing and what you will gain from doing just that.
It will examine stillness and movement in public places as a key to being.

5: The art of tea making

Daily from 10:00am > 11:00am
4th November for the duration of the residency.

Tea making and the partaking of tea is a ritual.
Galleries are some of the most unpopulated spaces in the country along with public parks, the busiest locations being shopping centres.
What are galleries and what should they be today?
How should we use them in order to sustain them?
These 1-hour engagements with tea and cake offer an opportunity to question and live within a gallery that is being transformed into a place called Hope Land.


Mayhew is playing daily in R-Space constructing a large-scale installation.
People are invited to join in the creation of this work – Daily.

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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