VISIONING - The Left Hand Cinema


The Unreality Show

Friday 22nd November, 2013

Rik Peel is an animator who has Aspergers, and his two sons have Higher functioning Autism. His wife Kerry Peel is the only Neurotypical in the household (But they don’t hold that against her) - They live in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.
Together they decided to create an animation company called 'The Left Hand Cinema'. A lot of their artistic direction goes into the study of autism; how the brain functions and perceives differently between Autistic and Non-Autistic people is an amazing subject and one that tends to be slanted to one side or the other. They approach this subject in a much more objective way by creating an artistic dialogue between the Autist and the Neurotypical. This is achieved with the use of animation (Created by Rik Peel) and music (Written and played by Kerry Peel); these two creative strands react, inform and even argue with each other, in order to create vivid, interesting and beautiful stories that hold a specific meaning to the Autist and yet are infomative to the Neurotypical. Rik feels that this unique approach to story telling can act as a bridge between vastly differing psyches.

They make beautifully handcrafted animations through various digital media and love working on their own productions which have been screened internationally or they are as equally at home with commissioned work and love to help others realise a world not conventionally available to them, where anything is possible!

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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