VISIONING - Repeat: Repeat

Friday 28th March 2014

Gerard Carson R-Space presented the fourth ‘Visioning’ event featuring two of Belfast’s most promising emerging video and installation artists. Curated by Rob Hilken, this one night event explores two very different ways that pattern and repetition are explored by video artists, one as sculpture, the other as musical performance.

Gerard Carson showcased a new installation made especially for the exhibition. “GIZMO” is a mixed-media installation incorporating elements of sculpture, painting, drawing, and video which draws upon aspects of technological componentry and the transmission of data via wireless/wired networks. “GIZMO” is the product of Carson’s continuing interest in the trans-disciplinary nature of production, where distinctions of fine art and design are interchangeable.

Oisin O’Brien (DSNT) presented a site-specific video-mapped performance - “Marauder” - that is set to experimental electronic music and responds to the physical fabric of the building. The work was performed twice on the evening at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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