Visioning 2017

Our annual celebration of experimental audio visual art practice. This year’s event focuses on local musicians from Drake Music NI and emerging film makers presented by Artists Moving Image NI.

Saturday 4 February 2017

1-3pm Demo with artists from Drake Music NI
3-5pm AMINI in Conversation - 3 emerging artists present their films

Drake Music Northern Ireland is a charity that supports adults and children with all natures of disabilities to access the opportunity to compose and perform music. Using a range of adapted and bespoke computer interfacing technology, people with disabilities are able to express their creativity in an independent and controllable environment. Drake Music NI Logo

AMINI was founded by Michael Hanna and Jacqueline Holt in 2015 and has two main objectives:

  • On a local level AMINI has been set up to support artists’ moving image practice within the region. We do this by organising screenings and events, and hosting the LUX Belfast Critical Forum, which meets each month at the MAC.
  • In parallel to this, AMINI is focused on developing networks to promote artists’ moving image from the region, alongside the wider diaspora of practice connected to Northern Ireland, on an international platform.

Film Artists

Rosie McMillen, Geyser

Rosemary McMillen

Puffin Meadow, 2016, 1 min

Death is Elsewhere, 2016, 2 min

Geyser, 2016, 3 min



Rosemary graduated from Ulster University in 2016 BA (Hons) Fine Art and has embarked on an MFA at the renamed Belfast School of Art. She describes herself as an ethnographer, field worker and observer, collecting digital imagery and sound recordings from the natural environment on the Ards Peninsula where she lives, and on her frequent travels abroad.  Through the use of post production editing her work aims to explore the relationship between reality, perception and social disengagement.

Nathan Crothers, The One With All The Subtitles On Repeat

Nathan Crothers

Untitled (Painted Room), 2016, 10 min

The One With All The Subtitles, On Repeat, 2016,21 min



Nathan is an artist based in Belfast, currently studying his Masters in Fine Art at the University of Ulster.  His current work investigates the potential of moving image within the white cube environment.  Challenging how this approach to image is constructed, encountered and interpreted.  The work aims to offer alternative ways of experiencing narrative beyond the more passive-viewing conventions of cinema and theatre. Within his work he often appropriates popular culture, specifically using film, television and web media, as a vehicle to explore ideas of authorship and copyright. His work critiques institutions, political systems, and social and cultural hierarchies, questioning the complacency of how the world is viewed.

Myrid Carten, Wetherspoons Warriors smMyrid Carten

Portrait of the Craftsman, 2014, 6 min

Landscape of Bealtaine, 2014, 4 min

I'll Tell ye a True Story, 2016, 7 min



Myrid graduated from BA Fine Art & History of Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2014. Her practice includes moving image, photography, public engagement incentives, site-specific screenings and installations. Obsession and rupture are reoccurring concerns within her arts practice.

Do contemporary mythologies of the self, popular culture and collective memory connect or distance us? What types of stories enfold in our drives for family, home, love and beauty?

Drake Music Northern Ireland

Combining talent with appropriate equipment and interfaces, musicians with and without disabilities have the opportunity to compose, perform and record their own music, in an equal, empowering and creative atmosphere, learning from, playing alongside, and composing for all nature of musicians in ensembles and workshops.

Supported and delivered by our team of qualified and experienced associate Drake musicians, offers tailor made packages to suit all sorts of wishes and tastes and can deliver our workshops anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have never played or ever had a music lesson!

With studios in Belfast, Newry and Derry, we also provide travelling music workshops outreaching from these studios in schools, care centres, youth and community centres and even in your own home!

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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