The Ghost In The Screen

Leo Boyd

23 March to 19 April 2019

Preview: Sat 23 March 2-4pm - All Welcome

This exhibition represents a short history of Leo Boyd’s 6 year long expedition into the world of experimental screen printing.

Starting with the B-movie inspired posters of A Belfast that Time Forgot and onto the cut-up science fiction inspired Prints of Things to Come before moving onto the more recent examination of our societies relationship with computers in Welcome to the Simulation.

The Ghost in the Screen tracks the creative process of a screen print artist intent on pushing the boundaries of the medium.



Leo Boyd was born in Hastings and studied his BA in Fine Art in Context in Bristol before moving to Ireland in the year 2000. Having lived and studied in the South of Ireland for 12 years, Leo moved to Belfast in 2011 where he took up screen printing full time.

Leo sees screen printing as a liberating art form, not only in the way it democratises the visual image, but in how it opens up into and encompasses sculpture, collage, photography and painting. When he work with screen printing Leo does not see the process as a way of simply creating multiple images but as an experimental and playful tool.

Recently Leo has been touring the retro sci-fi art exhibition ‘Welcome to the Simulation.’ whilst also experimenting with modes of street art, from stencils, collage, screen print and painting.

As well as creating a number of private murals over the last year Leo has worked at various street art Festivals including: Hit the North, Downtime and Upfest.

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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