Hope Land

A residency and exhibition by Michael Mayhew

4th November – 23rd  November 2013

Michael Mayhew states that Hope Land is a real place.
For the duration of this residency@ R-Space daily life becomes art,
Making tea is comparable to painting a canvas,
Cracking eggs becomes a dance Eating food becomes performance
Striking matches becomes a durational act.
Hope Land transforms a gallery into an installation of life & living.
A social immediate and crucial space for out lives and times.

Hope Land is open daily for you.

Hope Land Happenings

Mayhew is playing daily in R-Space constructing a large-scale installation.
People are invited to join in the creation of this work – Daily.

The art of tea making

Daily from 10:00am > 11:00am

Tea making and the partaking of tea is a ritual.
Galleries are some of the most unpopulated spaces in the country along with public parks, the busiest locations being shopping centres.

What are galleries and what should they be today?

How should we use them in order to sustain them?

These 1-hour engagements with tea and cake offer an opportunity to question and live within a gallery that is being transformed into a place called Hope Land.

Come swing with me

Daily - All welcome
For the duration of the residency, Michael Mayhew has erected a swing at R-Space for everybody to enjoy

Performing with time

Thursday 7th November

7:00am till 7:00pm

We will explore durational systems within performance.
This engagement will focus on a series of ideas and will put them into practice in the gallery of R–Space.

Michael Mayhew works within extreme durational systems within his performance.

This exchange will draw on those experiences and look at how to sustain a moment in constructed time. It will examine how to alter time and forget time and live within the moment.

The art of food

Saturday 9th November
6.00pm > 10.00pm

This day’s engagement will explore food and its relationship to performance.

We will cook dinner for 8 people.

We will construct a menu.

We will purchase food.

We will look at the rhythm of cooking processes and align that to art making.

We will prepare a table / transforming table to canvas / installation.

We will prep plates as canvas.

We will serve food as performance.

We will create a performance dinner and meet an audience.

We will examine the art of the get out.

The art of doing nothing

Sunday 10th November

This engagement will examine nothing and what you will gain from doing just that.
It will examine stillness and movement in public places as a key to being.

Art & the everyday

Tuesday 12th November
10:00am > 2:00pm

Where ideas come from and where you can get them from and what you do with them.
This workshop will look at life as art and the relevance of place, context of ideas and the significance of your audience.

We will perform for 1 hour in the gallery of R-Space

The art of sound

Wednesday 13th November
10:00am > 2.00pm

A lunchtime happening making sound recordings to be broadcast on speakers around Lisburn until the 21st November

Michael Mayhew is a performance artist whose work is highly-regarded both nationally and internationally, and has been incorporated into the British Council Performance in Profile. He is cited as ‘one of the most original and searching artists currently working in the UK’ (John E McGrath – Artistic Director, National Theatre of Wales). He is regularly invited into higher education institutions delivering seminars, lectures and educational projects (includes Liverpool Hope, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Plymouth University, and University of Greenwich).  Michael has been regularly project-funded by Arts Council England as well as being a client of ACE. His process and practice is cited as ‘important, significant, and influential’ (Lois Keidan, Live Art Development Agency).

Lisburn 2013 Hope-land examines hope as a source for social change, and searches for hope in the lives, homes and streets of Lisburn and districts to generate a performative installation that informs, affects, and promotes hope.  For a 14-day period the artist will undergo an immersive process that will engage and participate with the living systems of the lives and people in and around Lisburn.   He will search for hope. He will ask what hope means. He will enquire into people’s hopes. This will partly be achieved by arriving and engaging with people in social environments.  It will also be achieved by establishing the ‘Archive of Hope’, a forum for debate and receptacle of considered responses to the research and information Mayhew engages with. Mayhew will establish a series of public forums and social gatherings at R-Space that will debate hope as a personal reflection and social implication.

Mayhew will work for one week travelling on foot through the geographical terrain of Lisburn. This first week will focus on gathering raw material and data for the following week which will involve working with the found in a process of wrapping, burning and painting, and a series of performative rituals that will see the compositional structuring of Hope-land as an installation.


Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106350
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