From the Start & Back to the Beginning

An Invitation into the Mind of Dr Sarah McAleer

3D Digital Printed Jewellery & Mind-Mapping Installation

27th July –  10th August 2013

Artist Talk - 27th July at 2pm. All welcome
Masterclass – 3rd August at 11-5pm (booking required £20 per person)
Artist Talk – 10th Aug at 4pm. All welcome

Dr Sarah McAleer’s first exhibtion at R-Space gallery in Lisburn will see her examine how she converts her unique forms into three-dimensions and how her time-consuming making processes can be re-evaluated using faster digital methods of drawing and production. The exhibition will be both retrospective and forward thinking and will allow the viewer a chance to see the true inner visual web of a creative mind. For McAleer it represents a juncture, a time of personal reflection and a point of reference from which future work can be based.

Born and bred in North Down, McAleer boasts a varied career-path and wears the ‘hat’ of goldsmith, jewellery historian, researcher, lecturer, curator and writer.

With the support of an Arts Council Northern Ireland grant McAleer uses a 3D-Printer to experiment with technology to question if her handmade jewellery can be “3D-built”.

To illustrate how McAleer’s source material feeds into this new work, the gallery walls will display a timeline of McAleer’s design-components from her extensive 20-year back-collection of photographs and sketches. McAleer will then mind-map this information by literally 'threading together' work that references each other.


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