Material Language

Chris Banks
Elaine McCully
Rhiannon Ewing – James

19 May – 15 June 2018


FREE Workshop for practitioners and students

Connections in material and practice with Rhiannon Ewing-James

Friday 18 May 11am – 5 pm

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Opening Saturday 19 May 2 – 4pm
All Welcome!

Material Language is a collaborative exhibition between four makers, who are commenting on our relationship with objects -hand-made, mass-manufactured or through nostalgia and memory.

Chris, Elaine, and Rhiannon are bound by a fascination with the stuff of everyday life. They each recognise the ability of certain objects and materials to resonate with meaning – memories of childhood, domestic routines and the human touch – that is, both a physical and aesthetic ‘touch.’ It is often the most ordinary objects that can induce the most nostalgia, and a desire to hoard, collect and arrange meaningfully. Each artist has a distinct approach to conveying the ‘language’ of material. Each firmly believes it is a commonly spoken and understood language. They invite you to look at the artworks, and find fresh eyes for looking again at the ‘ordinary.’