I Only Exist On A Microchip

Keith Walker

1-28 June 2019

Preview: Saturday 1 June 2019 2-4pm All Welcome

“I Only Exist On A Microchip” is series of collages created on the PC and as such are a product of “today” made possible because of digital technology. Each collage is the result of marrying unrelated images and or photographs to create a new image. The source material comes from a variety of online locations, which includes FBI files, NASA files, CIA files and many other obscure technical reports, old newspapers and magazines etc. The artist says:

Digital technology has made and continues to make big changes to all of our lives, the way we communicate, the way we are monitored, the way we entertain ourselves and much much more. We now leave a digital footprint wherever we go and with whatever we do. Do we already have one foot in an Orwellian world? My prints are an investigation, with a small “i”, on the impact of digital technology and the world wide web.

About the Artist
Keith C. Walker was born in Leeds in 1939.
He studied Ceramics at Leeds College of Art and the Royal College of Art, and was Personal Assistant to Eduardo Paolozzi late 60’s to early 70’s, later teaching at Hull College of Art and Leicester Polytechnic.