Coming Up

11 January – 7 February 2020


A new collection of works that respond to the soft curves of the hills surrounding Sharon Adams’s Co Antrim studio. Ranging from peat charcoal mark making on paper to large scale pieces in wood and steel, this new work puts drawing at its centre as Sharon translates lines into material form.

28 March – 24 April 2020

Materials Messages and Meaning

Six artists from Northern Ireland, selected from an open call as part of our Materials, Messages and Meaning series. Now in its eighth year, these exhibitions explore artists’ different approaches to materials, methods of production and messages within their work.

Re: New Wallace 2 February 2019

16 May – 12 June 2020

Re: New Wallace #3

A Northern Irish artist/maker, selected by open call, presents new approaches and techniques in response to The Wallace Collection.