Donaghadee Workshops

July 23, 2015

imageLinen Futures is supported by a programme of workshops, hosted by Jane McCann in Donaghadee. Learn from the artists themselves in a glorious seaside location.

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Now, We are Three!

August 15, 2014


Dear Friends of R-Space,

We would like to invite you to attend our third birthday party on Tuesday 19th August from 3pm – 4pm.
We are celebrating our third year of Arts Council NI funding as well as the launch of our 2014-15 programme of exhibitions.
We would be delighted if you can make it!
Robert Martin, Anthea McWilliams & Rob Hilken

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Materials. Messages & Meaning 2014

July 29, 2014

Open Call for Northern Irish artists to respond to the theme “Lightness”


Deadline for submissions – Friday 22nd August 2014, 5pm


Exhibition open: 13th September 2014 – 11th October 2014


light·ness1  [lahyt-nis]


  1. the state or quality of being light in weight: the amazing lightness of the new metal.
  2. the quality of being agile, nimble, or graceful.
  3. lack of pressure or burdensomeness.
  4. lack of seriousness; levity in actions, thoughts, or speech: That kind of lightness seemed out of place.
  5. gaiety of manner, speech, style, etc.; cheerfulness: His lightness was just what the party needed.


R-Space Gallery would like to invite artists from Northern Ireland to submit proposals for our annual open exhibition – Materials, Messages & Meaning.

The exhibition will be a group show of four artists and makers with different approaches to the materials they choose to work with, the messages and meaning they wish to convey using those materials and the methods and processes they use to make the work.

Proposals may also include a workshop or performance. Selected artists will receive a fee for taking part.

Please email your proposal with up to 5 JPG images and an artist statement/bio to



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William Eastwood Photography

March 18, 2014

William Eastwood is a Photography and Graphic-Design student in the first year of his HND and the model in the pictures is Philip Jones, a Photography and Graphic-Design student in his final year of the HND course at SERC Lisburn.

William writes “I would like to say thank you again for the opportunity to use the R Space Gallery for my photography project. My project is based around urban/street environments, using them as a backdrop for my models. By using the off-camera flash as a source of light, I can get studio-style lighting outside and this, combined with the ambient light from the sun, can create some great photos. ”

All Photographs © William Eastwood, 2014

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Interview with Sarah Warsop

March 11, 2014

flyer for workshop

Fame Magazine recently interviewed Sarah Warsop about her forthcoming exhibition at R-Space. You can find a full transcript of the interview online here

Sarah is a jeweller and a choreographer. Her gold and silver jewellery is hand-made, every element hand forged on small stakes to create one off pieces. Each resulting sculpture has a dance at it’s heart.

She uses her own choreography to make limited edition collections and accepts commissions, working closely with each client to create a piece of jewellery which holds within it a personal, dynamic story.

This exhibition comprises a selection of her work including jewellery, drawings, and artist film, plus an artist talk aimed at professional Makers, Artists and Dancers. M.A.D.?.

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Sarah Warsop – Workshop

February 19, 2014

For professional makers
and dance makers/dancers


Thursday 10 April 2014
10.30am – 4.30pm


  • Max 10 participants 
  • Registration essential: please phone to book place 
  • Cost: £10 (payable on the day)


When we make movement where do we start?

If dance is just the beginning of a process, where can it take us next? Using the making of her film ‘Lying in Wait’ (2009)* as a starting point, Sarah will show how simple words and text can be the springboard to create a piece of dance, a series of drawings and a collection of jewellery objects.

During the workshop we will look at the motivation for moving and the physicality in mark making, and how perhaps we can see and interpret these marks.

SarahWarsop studio RSpace

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Jon Adams – Artist talk & Workshops

January 28, 2014

combined picture jpeg webAs part of our next exhibition ‘Asperger’s, Science/Art’, artist Jon Adams will be giving a talk about his work and will run two workshops that allow the public to gain a greater understanding of his work and how Asperger’s syndrome can be both a gift and a disability.

Artist talk

Saturday 1st Feb, 3pm

Workshops: “Layers of our Lives”

Monday 3rd Feb, 2 – 4pm
Tuesday 4th Feb, 2 – 4pm

Maximum 10 participants + Carers where appropriate
Booking required: please phone Anthea or Robert for more details and to book places (groups of & individuals welcome, 16 years +, free of charge)

The workshops will explore how to produce a graphic representation of everyday ordinary data by creating a time-line in a geological field diary format.

A lot of people keep a diary to record key events or important things to remember. This workshop will focus on showing you how to mark events, from the seemingly insignificant to the life-changing, in a visual way by mapping a single day, a week, a month or whatever time period you choose. Previous workshop participants have created graphics from single events such as a trip to the Isle of Wight through to mapping the whole Dr Who series.
Jon Adams is a trained geologist, a collector of objects that remind him of important memories, who systemizes and uses geological metaphor to create the imagery seen in his exhibition. He is keen to share his love of autobiostratigraphy (translation: Your Life-time Time-line) to enable participants to create layers relating to their own story or interests in a graphic way.

About the Artist:

International Artist Jon Adams’ fine art practice draws upon a wide range of materials and processes which include photography, video, sound recording and digital sound and visual manipulation, 3D installations, traditional sculpture and illustration. Jon is currently a Research Fellow in Disability Arts within the Faculty of CCi at the University of Portsmouth. His work includes themes of hidden disability and positive dyslexia and Asperger’s awareness combined with a subversive or geological context.

pdf_icon Download our Press Release for this exhibition here

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The Unreality Show

November 21, 2013

This Friday 22nd  November, from 7pm to 9pm, R-Space Gallery are proud to present

The Left Hand Cinema The Unreality Show


Left Hand Cinema was an accident waiting to happen!  After years of pursuing their individual careers husband and wife team (Rik and Kerry Peel) decided to see what would happen if they combined their artistic disciplines, resulting in experimental film, Alien.

Encouraged by their results, they have gone on to create beautiful bespoke commissioned pieces for musicians and had three of their films screened as part of the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival at the Movie House, Dublin Road, Belfast with their animation Dog#7 taking the award for best animation.

They make beautifully hand-crafted animations through various digital media and love working on their own productions which have been screened internationally or they are as equally at home with commissioned work and love to help others realise a world not conventionally available to them, where anything is possible!

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Hope Land Burning

November 12, 2013

Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell taking part in a durational performance workshop on Thursday 7th November from 7am-7pm as part of Hope Land with Michael Mayhew.

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Hope Land Happenings

October 22, 2013

As part of the Hope Land residency Michael Mayhew will  hold a series of engagements / classes / meetings – details below – BoOk in – Find OuT – Join in

Join us for…


1: Performing with time.
Thursday 8th November
6:00am till 6:00pm

We will explore durational systems within performance.
This engagement will focus on a series of ideas and will put them into practice in the gallery of R – Space.

Michael Mayhew works within extreme durational systems within his performance.
This exchange will draw on those experiences and look at how to sustain a moment in constructed time. It will examine how to alter time and forget time and live within the moment.

2: The Art of Food:
Saturday 9th November
10.00am > 10.00pm

This day’s engagement will explore food and its relationship to performance.
We will cook dinner for 8 people.
We will construct a menu.
We will purchase food.
We will look at the rhythm of cooking processes and align that to art making.
We will prepare a table / transforming table to canvas / installation.
We will prep plates as canvas.
We will serve food as performance.
We will create a performance dinner and meet an audience.
We will examine the art of the get out.

3: Art & the everyday.
Tuesday 12th November
6:00am > 6:00pm

Where ideas come from and where you can get them from and what you do with them.
This workshop will look at life as art and the relevance of place, context of ideas and the significance of your audience.
We will perform for 1 hour in the gallery of R-Space

4: The art of doing nothing
Sunday 10th November

This engagement will examine nothing and what you will gain from doing just that.
It will examine stillness and movement in public places as a key to being.

5: The art of tea making

Daily from 10:00am > 11:00am
4th November for the duration of the residency.

Tea making and the partaking of tea is a ritual.
Galleries are some of the most unpopulated spaces in the country along with public parks, the busiest locations being shopping centres.
What are galleries and what should they be today?
How should we use them in order to sustain them?
These 1-hour engagements with tea and cake offer an opportunity to question and live within a gallery that is being transformed into a place called Hope Land.


Mayhew is playing daily in R-Space constructing a large-scale installation.
People are invited to join in the creation of this work – Daily.

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